Polestar Collaborative is a local community based leadership, apprenticeship and mentoring program for young people from all cultural, educational and economic backgrounds based in the Puna district on the island of Hawai’i.

 We connect young people with successful and skilled community leaders, educators, business people, artisans and trades people in intimate apprenticeship courses, one-on-one mentoring programs, workshops, camps and local service projects. Practical life and career path skills, leadership and self-sufficiency are taught in traditional and non-traditional ways in a fun,  supportive, sustainable and  alcohol and drug free community environment.

Current programs beginning in January 2016 include:

Performing & Visual Arts, Hawaiiana, Garden to Table with Culinary Arts, Political Science, Astronomy Club, Carpentry Apprenticeship and Community Service Learning.



Voice…Body…Spirit, Awakening Joy!