OFFERINGS for 7th–12th Grade

Programs will meet at Polestar Gardens, Pahoa Community Center or the Pahoa Sports Complex

ASTRONOMY CLUB  TBA (Open to all ages)  This club is facilitated by Dr. Richard Griffiths. Come and learn about the planets. See them close-up through a telescope and learn how they move through the constellations as they revolve around the sun. See the mountains and craters on the Moon, the satellites of Jupiter and the rings of Saturn. Learn about the stars that our ancestors used to navigate. Also learn about the Milky Way galaxy where we live and about other galaxies in the Universe.

POLITICAL SCIENCE: THE TIME AND DATES WILL BE DETERMINED BY THE GROUP. This session will be facilitated by Phil Barnes. The focus of the Political Science program will be to allow students to work with mentors who are active participants and candidates for office at the local, state, and federal levels of government. The outcome of these relationships should be seen in growth of student’s interpersonal skills, increased ability to problem solve and exhibit critical thinking skills, as well as an overall understanding of how government functions. These will lead participants to enhanced civic responsibility as a lifelong process. Some of the strategies that will be used to reach these goals are internships, discussion groups and select readings.


PAPA HAWAIIANA WILL MEET ON WEDNESDAY MARCH 16TH FROM 3:15-5:15. This session will be facilitated by Hualani Ganir and will primarily focus on Oli (chanting): The importance of oral history and protocol. Papa Hawaiiana is a class that incorporates the holistic learning of Hawaiian culture through Oli (The chants of Hawai’i), Hula (The dance of Hawai’i), Mele (The songs of Hawai’i), and Hana No’eau (The crafts of Hawai’i). Students will be able to experience a little piece of each feature in order to gain a better sense of place, which will in turn give them a better sense of self. This is the essence of Hawaiian culture: to nurture the relationship between ourselves, our environment and one another.

VISUAL ARTS: SPRING BREAK MURAL PAINTING WILL MEET ON THE FOLLOWING DAYS OVER SPRING BREAK FROM 2:00-5:30: Friday, March 18th, Tuesday, March 22nd, Thursday, March 24th,  and Friday, March 25th. The facilitator for this project is long time artist Sue Champeny. We will be creating a large scale mural at the Polestar Collaborative Community Center. The goal of the Visual Arts Program is to create authentic art work while learning new techniques and working with a variety of media.

PERFORMING ARTS WILL MEET ON THE FOLLOWING WEDNESDAYS FROM 3:15-5:15: JANUARY 27TH, FEBRUARY 3RD, 10TH, 17TH, and 24TH AND MARCH 2ND. Facilitators for this session are Jeannine Baker, Maiva Blaisdell and Sherri Thal. The goal of the Performing Arts program is to create original performance pieces. Through the use of a vigorous curriculum, facilitated by knowledgeable mentors, this process fosters creative thinking, collaboration, and positive communication. Through the use of individual and group activities, discussions, improvisation, and self-reflection, students will not only develop performance skills, but they will also become more confident in being open to take risks and express their authentic selves.

CARPENTRY APPRENTICESHIP: HOW TO BUILD A HOUSE WILL MEET ON THE FOLLOWING THURSDAYS FROM 3:15-5:15: FEBRUARY 4TH, 11TH, 18TH AND 25TH. The facilitator for this session is Michael Gornik. In this apprenticeship program you will learn safety, proper tool use and maintenance, basic blue printing, layout and foundation forming, wall framing, installing roof trusses, exterior siding and trim and painting.

CULINARY ARTS: FROM GARDEN TO TABLE WILL MEET ON THE FOLLOWING THURSDAYS FROM 3:15-5:15: FEBRUARY 4TH, 11TH, 18TH, 25TH and MARCH 3RD, 10TH AND 17TH. The facilitator for this session is Matt Schindler. Our Garden to Table program produces fruit, vegetables and herbs for delicious, healthy meals from our organic gardens and orchard. Youth will develop the following skills: planning, planting, harvesting and cooking. The Garden to Table program is a hands-on practical approach to culinary education.






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